Free Your Skin


Free Your Skin

Sometimes you need to break away from everyday stress, and get yourself to a place where your mind and body are totally at ease. To recharge before getting back to it. Schick focuses on providing a truly liberating shave, one that is no longer a chore, but a more pleasurable, effortless skincare experience for men and women. We're developing products that go beyond just removing hair to actually caring for your skin. Razors that are virtually irritation-free, so you feel relaxed and refreshed.

Quattro for Women®

FAQ's About Quattro for Women®

Does shaving make your hair grow back darker or thicker?

Since the dawn of mini-skirts, plenty of ladies have been sweating over this needlessly. That's because removing hair on the skin's surface has no effect on the color or thickness of the hair. Hair shafts just starting to emerge a day or two after shaving are notorious for having a coarse, rougher feel. If you allow the hair to grow out, it will take on its original appearance and texture.

Are shaving gels or creams really necessary?

Shaving gels and creams are not only fun to dispense out of their shiny cans - they're also vital to a high performance shave. The reason is that unlike soap, shaving gels and creams hold moisture close to the skin. This lets the razor glide more easily.

Will shaving take away my tan?

Fear not, golden girls! Tanning occurs at the lower levels of your skin, where the skin's pigment cells are located. Razor blades never come in contact with these cells. In fact, shaving with a high performance razor like Quattro for Women® can actually "polish" your skin, removing flaky surface cells and improving the look of your tan.

What makes the Quattro for Women razor a high performance razor?

You don't have to use a man's razor to get high performance. With four-blade technology and a sleek metal handle, the Quattro for Women® razor gives you precise control over your shaving.

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